Creating a learning environment to foster the ideals of Respect, Responsibility and Citizenship

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AHS Highlights

Throughout the month of March, students from the Alternative High School Service Learning Program, have been visiting the first grade classes at Bret Harte. The students from the Alternative high school developed a 45 minute lesson designed to teach the first graders about respect. Each lesson was introduced with a "Sesame Street" clip about respect, followed by class discussion, and a creative art project. Each first grader was asked to complete a "patch" for the Respect Quilt that depicts how they can show respect. The patches were collected and brought back to the Alternative High School. At the Alternative High School, the students and staff created their own "patch" depicting what respect means to them. All patches were assembled into one quilt. The Respect Quilt hangs in the Alternative High School hallway. A poster of the quilt was printed and given to each of the first grades at Bret Harte.
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Upcoming Events

AHS Events

BOE Work Session
45 Ranoldo Terrace

Service Learning Trip

Thomas Paine Elementary School

Community Café

Level Field Trip - Funplex

BOE Action Meeting
45 Ranoldo Terrace

NJ Biology Competency Test

NJ Biology Competency Test

District Events

Student of the Month

MARCH - Lily Allen

A respectful, responsible, citizen is just one way to describe Lily Allen. Lily is a caring, dependable student, who is eager to learn. She is willing to always lend a helping hand. Lily is an important part of our service learning program. She is not only an active participant, but also helps to organize projects. Lily's tenacity to follow the rules is a big part of her outstanding moral character.

February: Manny Morales

Exhibiting our core values of respect, responsibility, and citizenship, Manny is extremely mannered and humble. He is a very courteous, polite, and respectful student. He works hard and completes all that is expected of him. Manny is an excellent athlete who shows much dedication to his sport.

January: Sianni Long

Sianni's commitment to learning shines through again! She is kind, caring, and enthusiastic. With her excellent attendance and good grades, Sianni embodies our school's core values of respect, responsibility, and citizenship in all she does.

January: Haidi Gillespie

Haidi is artistic and creative. He is a hard-working, respectful student, who displays a solid effort in all he does. His desire to learn and his curiosity make him a pleasure to have in class. Our core values of respect, responsibility, and citizenship are truly a part of his character.

December:Sianni Long

Sianni's enthusiasm, impeccable manners, and commitment to her education show in all she does. Her dedication to the service learning program and volunteerism has exceeded expectations. Sianni has been a magnificent addition to our school! Her smile is infectious, and her attitude toward others exemplifies the true meaning of respect, responsibility, and citizenship.

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