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AHS Highlights

On December 18, 2015 the Alternative High School's Community Service and Awareness class sponsored a very successful American Red Cross Blood Drive. There were 54 donors who came to donate, and 20 of those donors were FIRST time donors! In fact, donors had to be turned away due to lack of supplies. Each donation of blood can help save up to three lives. A total of 40 productive units was collected, and that is enough blood to help 120 hospital patients' lives.

The Community Service and Awareness course is a new elective offered this year to sophomores, juniors, and seniors at the Alternative High School. It is designed to increase the students' involvement in community affairs and the awareness of community service opportunities and public issues. It gives students an opportunity to reflect on their service- related experiences. They decided to sponsor the blood drive to show support for an 8 year old Burlington County resident, who suffers from childhood cancer. The students were responsible for securing the date, time, and location. They also helped to recruit donors and publicized the drive. The class also learned about blood, the eligibility requirements to give blood, and the donation process.

Donating blood is a simple thing to do, but it can make a BIG difference in the lives of others.

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Upcoming Events

AHS Events

BOE Work Session
45 Ranoldo Terrace

SCHOOLS CLOSED - Teacher In-Service
all day

SCHOOLS CLOSED - Presidents' Day
all day

Kingston Elementary School

Understanding Dyslexia

Presenter: Deborah Lynam, Decoding Dyslexia

BOE Action Meeting
45 Ranoldo Terrace

District Events

Student of the Month

December:Sianni Long

Sianni's enthusiasm, impeccable manners, and commitment to her education show in all she does. Her dedication to the service learning program and volunteerism has exceeded expectations. Sianni has been a magnificent addition to our school! Her smile is infectious, and her attitude toward others exemplifies the true meaning of respect, responsibility, and citizenship.

November: Dan Zawojski

Dan is respectful to his peers and teachers. He stays on task, completes all work, and has a positive attitude toward learning. Dan has been a key part of our community service initiatives. He displays our school's core values of respect, responsibility, and citizenship daily.

November: Patrick Cannon

Patrick has been a wonderful addition to our school. He is always polite and has a quite sense of humor. Academically, Patrick has shown great progress and consistently completes quality work. Patrick exhibits our core values of respect, responsibility, and citizenship in all he does.

October: Sebastian Potterton

Sebastian has excellent attendance. He is always on task and completes his work to the best of his ability, giving his best effort everyday. Sebastian is polite, courteous, and demonstrates our school's core values of respect, responsibility, and citizenship by modeling them throughout the day. He has done an excellent job of adjusting to the Alterative High School Program.

September: Nicolas Deutsch

Nic has shown tremendous personal growth upon returning this September. He is engaged and focused on succeeding. Nic is respectful, caring, uplifting, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Nic is very enthusiastic about service learning projects, and he is a great contributor to the school community. He exhibits the core values of respect, responsibility, and citizenship daily.

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